Multiple Streams of Determination – A New Chapter’

I am both honored and humbled to have been featured in this book with some of the greatest minds in business, and personal development of our time. In my chapter, ‘from Corporation to Liberation,’ I share the challenges, learnings and mindset I built in becoming what I call a Visionary Entrepreneur.

An excerpt from the Forward by Les Brown. ”This book is designed to empower you with the secret process of success used by those who not only talk the talk, but also more importantly, walk the walk. You will go through step-by-step proven methods to transform your life and experience the health, wealth, and happiness we all want.”

An excerpt from the Publisher, Johnny Wimbrey, ‘‘ The beauty of this book is that they want to give something to you, not take something from you. It has been said that knowledge is power and that’s true to a certain extent. But true power comes from applied knowledge, or impartation. Make sure you apply what you learn.”

For a signed copy of this book for €15 with free shipping, feel free to drop me a message.