“George Adamides is one of the strongest business leaders I’ve worked within my 15 years as an entrepreneur. George is a rare leader who has proven his ability to influence the lives of thousands of people through his inspiration, leadership and unyielding commitment to integrity.” – Matt Morris (best selling author of ‘The Unemployed Millionaire’)

“George Adamides is a person that means a lot to me because he’s impacted my life in a big way because he exposed me to personal development, so I realised the power of my mind and the power to believe in myself and believe that if I want something, and I really chase it and I am committed, I will make it. He’s a special person that proved to me that there are humble people, but also successful. George, I’m grateful as you changed my reality and my direction in life, and not only me, but for generations.” – Christos Christofi (ex miliarty officer and now self-made millionaire)

“George is one of the most incredible individuals that I’ve been able to work with on a global scale. He’s created a brand for himself, and not only has he created millions upon millions of dollars of revenue for his business, he’s showing other people how to do it. If you ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time surrounded around the right people, get with George immediately.” – Johnny Wimbrey (celebrity life coach, speaker, author)

“George Adamides… great leader, great friend, HUGE team player, the BEST problem solver. Brother, keep inspiring, keep helping people, I know your goal is to help as many people as possible to have what they want in their lives. The passion that you have for life and the passion that you have to teach people how to be successful in life is a unique characteristic.” – Stavros Zenonos (ex business owner & self-made millionaire)