We create our own Universe

“You create your own universe.” Winston Churchill

Exactly 15 years ago, a few days before my 19th birthday, upon leaving Australia on my own to move back to Cyprus to go into the army and begin a new chapter in my life, my manager at the restaurant I worked at gave me a golden piece of advice I’ve held with me ever since; “George, just remember, life is what YOU make of it.” She emphasised the word ‘you’, and that empowered me.

I took this video on a holiday I took a few days ago where it was like going 1,000 years back in time! Mount Athos is a very spiritual place where thousands of monks stay devoting their life to God and in saving their soul. I received some golden lessons from these people, and felt truly inspired to record the following video. The main message… WE CREATE OUR OWN WORLD!

Watch this video and ask yourself, what does your perfect world look like? And what step can you take today, and each and every day to move you closer to this…



About George

George is an unstoppable individual; with a passion for inspiring and empowering individuals to find their purpose and design the life they were born for.

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