5 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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These are some of the habits I’ve built in the last few years since been a full time entrepreneur. Moving from the corporate world to the world of business can be an interesting experience… the faster someone creates and perfects the habits below, the faster their results will come.

1. The Habit of focusing on your Vision
At first when I became an Entrepeneur, I let the day run me. I fought fires, reacted to calls, basically got pushed around by the blowing of the wind. I realised I wasn’t being effective as I did not have a clear vision of my destination. I was not definite in my purpose.

What is it that you want? What are you willing to sacrifice? Why must you achieve what you set out to? What benefits will it give you achieving this? What are you willing to commit to in order to get it? Get clarity to these questions and you’ll be on the road to clarifying your vision.

Key Takeaway
When we fail to plan, we plan to fail! Successful entrepreneurs are constantly focusing and driving towards their vision, they have a definite purpose. Get clarity on your purpose and vision, plan each day with care, and this will move you closer. Feel free to use the following tool.

2. The Habit of Investing in Yourself
I’ve been investing in myself since 1999. Two years after I finished higher education, I read my first book on personal development… it changed my life! We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them in the first place. We must rise above it, and we can only do this with new thinking. Einstein famously said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.’ If that’s true, then the majority of the world are CRAZY!!!

Read books, listen to audios, go to seminars, attend networking events, join different clubs with people that lift you up… get into the environment of investing in you! Read just 15 pages a day, 5 days a week, and within in a year you would have read almost 4,000 pages.

Key Takeaway
Always be in student mode! Successful entrepreneurs are always learning, their thirst for knowledge and growth is never ending. Here are some of my top book recommendations…
– As a Man Thinketh: James Allen (the power of thought)
– Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill (the formula of success and creating wealth)
– The 4 Hour Work Week: Timothy Ferris (creating auto business and freedom)
– The Richest Man in Babylon: George Clason (an ancient formula for creating riches)

3. The Habit of using the Mastermind Effect
When two minds join forces on a common goal, they are UNSTOPPABLE! No man is an island, therefore, for an entrepreneur to achieve their vision, they must influence others to see what they see; whether that’s potential partners, or customers, they must feel their passion.

Once this is done, then a mastermind can also be created. If you imagine a torch consisting of 4 x 2-volt batteries, once the torch is on, there is actually 8 volts running through EACH battery! That’s POWERFUL! It works the same way when two or more minds combine on a common goal, it is not simple addition in the power of the mastermind, it is multiplication! However, keep note of this important fact: if one battery is placed the wrong way around, the torch will not work at all. This is the same with a mastermind group, so choose your members wisely.

Key Takeaway
‘None of us is as powerful as all of us!’ Successful entrepreneurs have the habit of using the mastermind effect, and combining their forces with other like minded individuals who share their common goal and purpose, and thus multiplying their energy, and results.

4. The Habit of Great Communication
How we communicate is critical to our success, and more importantly, our happiness as human beings. It starts with the communication each one of us has with ourselves. Do we beat ourselves to a pulp all day long by worry, fear, anxiety and stress? Or do we lift ourselves up, motivate, inspire, cheer ourselves along towards our desired dreams? Our relationships with other people are a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves… so find some quiet time each day to simply listen, and explore you who really are.

Key Takeaway
‘The quality of our life is dependant on the quality of our communication.’ In order to influence others, we must first influence ourselves, in order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves. Better your communication and your whole life changes.

The Habit of Failing your way to the Top
In school we are taught failure is bad. We don’t know what A, B, C, or D stand for, but we all know that F stands for fail! All the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors of our time went through more obstacles and challenges than we can comprehend. Majority of people quit, and simply say, ‘it’s not meant to be,’ or ‘I just can’t do it.’ NEVER QUIT! Stay focused on your vision, no matter how long it takes, STAY THE COURSE. If you can see it, it’s already done, it’s just a matter of time and taking consistent action.

Key Takeaway
Never ever ever ever ever quit.’ That is the only way to fail.. every time you’re in front of an obstacle; simply learn from it, take the lesson, let go of the emotion, adapt your approach, and move on.

I hope these habits support you in being a more successful, focused and productive entrepreneur. Please feel free to leave a comment and share if this post impacted you in a positive way. 🙂



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