Rich or Poor! To Be… Part 2 2

So, if you’re reading this…. You’re ready to FIGHT BACK!

In Part 1 of ‘Rich or Poor’ I wrote about the conspiracy of how the middle class are being wiped out. This is not a problem only in Greece, which is happening faster than anywhere I personally have ever experiences, this concerns EVERYBODY! In the following section, I will lay out an outline of a plan on how YOU can fight back to this, according to Robert Kiyosaki’s book The Conspiracy of the Rich.

Part 2: Fighting Back

How did you do in the self examination in Part 1? If you haven’t completed it, click here. Awareness is always the first step in the awakening process, however then it must be followed through with correct, consistent action.

Where are we today?

  1. Old industries are dying – many older people are depending on the dividends paid by these old companies.
  2. Taxes are rising – it’s a global phenomenon – Greece VAT is up to 23%, a global carbon tax is being talked about (which should be avoided at all costs)
  3. The United States is the biggest debtor nation in the world – the GDP of the US is over $14 trillion… the total of all the bailouts is about half that!
  4. China is threatening to reserve status of the US dollar
  5. The US consumer is loaded with debt and strapped for cash – this is a global phenomenon
  6. Unemployment is rising – in 2009 the figure in the US was 8.5%. in 2012 UK 8.1%, Cyprus 10%, in Greece 24.4% and 50% in the youth!!! For the full list of all the countries, click here
  7. Technology is invisible and relatively inexpensive – thus business can do more with fewer employees
  8. Out school systems have not prepared students for the Information Age – fueling unemployment
  9. Frugality is now cool – people are holding on to their money

‘The 90/10 rule is that 90% of all money is earnt by 10% of the people.’ The truth is, there are 10.1 million millionaires on the planet… what makes YOU think you can’t join such a rank? ‘The main reason 90% of the population struggle financially is because they were never taught the language or the rules of money.’

Words of a Poor Person… ‘I’ll never be rich’ or ‘I’m not interested in money’ or ‘The government should take care of people.’

Words of a Middle-Class Person… ‘I’ve got a high-paying secure job’ or ‘My home is my biggest investment’ or ‘I’m investing in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds.’

Words of a Rich person… ‘I’m looking for good employees to work for me’ or ‘I’m looking for a cash-flowing hundred-unit apartment house to buy’ or ‘My exit strategy is to take my company public via IPO.’

So, what are the NEW rules of money? Here they are…

  1. Money is Knowledge – today traditional assets don’t make you rich, knowledge is the new money.
  2. Learn how to use debt – debt is not bad. Misuse of debt is bad. Debt can make you rich or poor.
  3. Learn to control cash flow – when you are in debt, your cash flows from others. If you are to be financially free, cash must flow into your pockets.
  4. Prepare for bad times and you will only know good times – NOW is the time to prepare.
  5. The need for speed – today slow people are left behind. A well positioned person can transact 24/7.
  6. Learn the Language of Money – as we learn the English language to communicate to other English speakers, so we must learn the language of money
  7. Life is a Team Sport. Choose your team carefully – Choose wisely who you listen to. If you buy someone’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle!
  8. Since Money is becoming worth-less, learn to print your own – yes there are legal ways of doing this!

By learning the new rules of money, we can understand how the game has changed. The rules of the morning do not apply in the afternoon. Many people out there today are ‘stuck!’ A confused mind is a frozen mind; therefore one must cut all the confusion from financial literacy and understand the new game, how the rules have changed. Once we do that, wealth creation is simple.

The key is to expand your means rather than living below your means! Majority of people are in a job, earning an income, with all their cash flowing into their expenses and liabilities. This creates a financial prison with the person working for the banks and the government.

The key is to have cash flowing into assets, which flow more income back into the cycle and multiply your wealth. It’s that simple!

What does a sophisticated Investor focus on? These four basic categories..

  1. Businesses
  2. Incoming-producing investment real estate
  3. Paper assets: stocks, bonds, savings, annuities, insurance and mutual funds
  4. Commodities: gold, silver, oil, platinum etc.

In building a business, Kiyosaki was guided by what he called the B-I Triangle, and here it is. B stands for Business and I for Investor. Notice the Mission is the foundation of business, and it is supported by the team and leadership.

My main point to this blog is what? Financial Education! This is not a quick fix magic wand where you have read my blog and now ‘’dadaa’’ you’re done! No, this is to INSPIRE you take ACTION, take the RESPONSIBILITY, or use your ability to respond to the current economy, and rather than merely survive, choose to THRIVE!

What opportunities are out there for you right now that can allow you to have your own part-time business, whilst keeping your job, and step by step move you close to your goal of being Rich? We are living in a golden age for business and the New Entrepreneur… take grasp of it.

I wish you an incredible time on the journey of wealth creation and for you to achieve security for your children’s children.

Recommended Reading

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Conspiracy of the Rich

‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ by George Samuel Clason

‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill

‘The Bible’




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2 thoughts on “Rich or Poor! To Be… Part 2


    As you have written…”Life is a Team Sport. Choose your team carefully – Choose wisely who you listen to. If you buy someone’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle!”
    Therefore, we choose to listen to you! You are worth listening to!!!! Keep inspiring uuuusssssss!!!

  • George Post author

    Thanks so much for our kind words Giota… We all have things to learn from each other.. The key is to pay attention and happy to see you’re doing that! You’ll go far girl!!! 🙂