Santorini: from Catastrophe to Glory 1

Catastrophes, problems, obstacles…. whatever you want to call them, they all fall into the same category – simply they are a series of challenges we all face throughout our lives that must learn to overcome and use them to propel us forward.

Whilst in Santorini I learnt some of the history of the island, and it literally blew me away. Did you know that one of the three biggest volcanic eruptions in the history of mankind occurred in the middle of Santorini, creating a 35-150m tsunami that devastated many islands and the north coast of Crete 110km away?

Watch my latest vlog here, which ends with some of my photography of Santorini, and come back to finish reading….


So, what catastrophes or problems have occured in your life, that may have left rough cliffs, or bitter feelings? Yet they contain the potential for you to turn them into your own inner Santorini?

– overreact or get overly emotional over such events
– be a victim to what happened and overanalyse
– ask ‘why me’

– write them down
– accept that we can’t change the past, but we can change how we view the past
– take the learnings and lessons
– ask ‘what’s next?’

Once you’ve done the above, take what’s left, as the 80 people did in Santorini, and rebuild on there something Glorious! Something so unique and magnificent, that you will be filled with gratitude that the event occurred in the first place.

Click here to see a perfect example of someone in my last blog who has built their own Santorini… Look forward to your comments and results and wish you all an inspiring day!



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