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That is the question! Whilst the global economic crisis continues, it is more evident than ever before that the middle class is being wiped out! It looks like in the New World, there will only have two options – so what will it be for you, Rich or Poor? You need to make YOUR decision… as if you don’t make it, someone else will decide for you!

‘If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.’ Warren Buffett

It is more evident in Greece than I have seen in any other country, that the middle class is being wiped out. I’ve just finished readingThe Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert Kiyosaki, an incredible book on the world’s financial system, the trouble it’s gotten into, and how we can secure our futures right now. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series, having sold over 26 million copies with his combined 15 books, and regarded as one of the top financial authors of our time.  I felt the urge to share some of the learnings I got from the above book for everyone to enjoy…

As this is a big subject, I will write two blog entries… part 1 is on The Conspiracy. Part 2 will be about Fighting Back!

Richhaving a great deal of money or assets; wealthy or as plural noun the rich – every day the split between the rich and the poor widens (isn’t that interesting?)

Poorlacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society

‘You cannot get out of the way of things you cannot see moving toward you.’  Robert Kiyosaki. My duty is to let you know of what is coming…

In my first blog entry, my topic was the information age and how I switched off all technology for 24 hours. I felt truly liberated and in a funny way, it was about winning the war against the control of our minds by switching off and becoming present. This week, I’d like to tackle the war against our bank accounts…. but not only ours, also the next generations!

Robert Kiyosaki  continues, ‘By educating yourself about money and how it works, you unlock the potential within yourself to break free from the mentality of scarcity and see the abundance all around you.’ One of the reasons so many people are in financial trouble today is because the rules of money have evolved, yet they didn’t evolve with it!

Bailout Bailout Bailout!!! We hear the word used ALL the time! Yet do we realize each time a bailout occurs, it is the elite using the taxpayers money to pay for their mistakes and their fraud? See, there are the rich that have ruled and designed the system for generations, acting almost as parasites to the hard-working masses – but there are also the rich that are using their power for the greater good, for impacting the planet in a positive way.

In this blog, I’m challenging you to make the decision to be rich! Choose to build wealth by investing in self-education, financial literacy, changing the people you take financial advice from, thus separating yourself from the masses that are heading for poverty! By becoming a person of value, I’m confident you will impact the world in a positive way when your time to shine comes.

What is your Dream? We are all blessed with at least one talent that we can do better then any other person on the planet… what is yours? What would you do if time and money was no object? What is your purpose? These are all questions that you must at some point press pause and ponder… the answers could literally change the direction of your life. We must always be in question in self-reflection mode, thus always learning and growing.

‘Those who succeed in the future will be entrepreneurs who understand how quickly business and money are changing, and who have the ability and flexibility to quickly change and adapt.’ Robert Kiyosaki

Part 1: The Conspiracy

You see, the rules of money have changed, yet many people haven’t changed! ‘The rich and powerful have manipulated our lives via central banks, multinational corporations, wars, education, and government policies…. the concept of a secure retirement is a dying reality.’ ‘Just as fish cannot see water, most people cannot see the conspiracy. Yet, just like fish are engulfed by water; we are all submerged in the conspiracy.’

Here are a few key events in history that have changed money forever:

–         1800’s Mayer Amschel Rothschild prophetically states, ‘Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes the laws.’

–         1903 General Education Board founded by the Rockefeller Foundation, purposely designing a system to ‘create good employees and soldiers, people who blindly follow orders, waiting to be told what to do, including what to do with their money.’ – ‘the Ancient Greeks believed in teaching people to think. We train our young to do as they are told.’

–         1913 The Federal Reserve is created with the blessing of President Wilson. Rothschild prophecy becomes reality, giving the power to a few elite to print money. Income tax introduced in the U.S. in order for the government to pay the interests on their debts to the Fed.

–         1933 President Roosevelt asked the American public to turn in all their gold for which they paid $20.22 per ounce in paper money. He then raised the price of gold to $35 an ounce! In other words, for every ounce, the public was cheated $15… a 58% heist! If anyone was caught holding gold coins, the punishment was a $10,000 fine and ten years in jail!

–         1933 Social Security created. Today it is on the brink of bankruptcy when it is needed the most as 75 million baby boomers in U.S. begin to retire, 1 billion worldwide.

–         1971 The U.S. dollar is killed! President Nixon severed the relationship of the U.S. dollar and gold – the dollar became Monopoly money. After that, the biggest economic boom in history began.

–         2004 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows the 5 biggest investment banks to step up their fractional reserve from about 10 to as high as 40. In other words, you put $1,000 of your money in the bank, then the biggest banks could lend out $40,000, then the hundreds of banks that borrowed that money could lend out ten times that $40,000 = $400,000 – all from your $1,000!

–         2000 – 2007 According to Time magazine, Americans biggest export was debt!

–         2009 President Obama promises ‘Change we can believe in.’ How can there be change when the same people who expanded this financial mess we are in remain in charge?

–         2007- 2009 The stock market loses 50% of its value

Then real question here is not just how the global economy is going, but how is YOUR economy going? Let’s do a quick self examination…

  1. Are you paid by the month, the hour, the minute, or the second?
  2. Are you earning money eight hours a day or 24/7?
  3. If you stop working, will your money continue to come in?
  4. Do you have multiple sources of income?
  5. If you are an employee, are you working for an employer who is being left behind?
  6. Are your friends and family moving forward or being left behind financially?

In which quadrant are you? E or S ?

Donald Trump: ‘I have a lot of classmates who were much smarter than me, but I make more money then they do. One reason is because I am an entrepreneur and they are employees working for big companies.’

In part 2, I will share with you Robert Kiyosaki’s lessons on Fighting Back! How YOU can move into the B and I quadrants. I will also share with you my personal lessons on how I went from Corporation to Liberation.



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