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Living in the information age has with it both brilliant advantages, whilst simultaneously can bring major disadvantages. We have an immediate access to infinite knowledge, people and information from books, the internet, satellite TV, news, magazines, billboards, advertising, on our mobiles….. It’s ENDLESS!

Two extremes may happen and anything in between…

1)      You can THRIVE on the correct use of this knowledge. LUCK = Labour Under Correct Knowledge!

Or 2) You get lost or even DROWN in an unnecessary overload of information of pointless facts, figures, distractions, latest gossip and the constant bombardment and interruptions taking your focus away from what you were doing!

Question is… where do you stand? And if you’re not that effective… how could you deal with it better? I believe I may have found a way….

During my last trip to Israel, I learnt about ‘Shabbat.’ Shabbat is the seventh day of the Jewish week and it begins a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening and finishes a few minutes after the appearance of the 3 stars on Saturday night. During Shabbat, NO TECHNOLOGY is allowed to be used as this will distract from one of the main objectives of Shabbat, which is ‘to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life, and spend quality time with family and friends.’

How beautiful is that?!? To press pause once a week on the information superhighway and to cherish the moment with your loved ones, becoming present, aware, and have the opportunity to cherish and enjoy the moment with your favourite people for what it truly is!

I decided to take the concept of Shabbat and apply it into my life. My first attempt was the Saturday just gone… from 8pm till 8pm Sunday, I switched off ALL TECHNOLOGY!!  This included mobile phones, cameras, PC, laptops and Ipad, facebook and any other social media, cinemas, any electronic entertainment and anything else that may have distracted me from experiencing the moment. On top of that, I did my utmost to create PEAK EXPERIENCES and do something I’ve never done before!

I just completed my first 24 hours…. And I must say I feel LIBERATED!!! I filled my 24 hours with CREATING PEAK EXPERIENCES, STRENGTHENING FRIENDSHIPS and having NEW LEARNINGS!!!

Some of the moments I just experienced….

– watched the sunset from my apartment whilst drinking red wine

– went to Lykavitos and looked at Athens by night

– enjoyed dinner at one of the best restaurants in Athens, Dionysos, sitting bang central to a view of the Acropolis with a friend I hadn’t seen in weeks (the only time I cheated by taking a picture with my friends camera)

– walked around the streets of Athens instead of taking a taxi

– cooked pancakes on Sunday morning for my room mate and friends

– swam at a beach I’ve never been to

– ate at a nearby restaurant on our way home with stunning views of the sea

– read 60 pages (almost ¼) of  the ‘The Conspiracy of the Rich’ by Robert Kiyosaki

All this in 24 hours!!! I can’t begin to describe to you the sense of freedom and release I felt!!! So much life and juice in 1 day…. So much relaxation, yet so many learnings! So much yet in so little time!

All the pressures of checking emails, texts, answering calls, returning calls, advertising bombardment, latest news tragedy, replying to fb messages, liking statuses, disliking statuses and all the chaos the Information Age can cause… SWITCHED OFF for 24 hours!!

Give it a shot… if 24 hours is too much, try 4 or 8 hours first. Put the control of YOUR LIFE back in YOUR HANDS… we are living in the biggest time of opportunity the world has ever seen with more knowledge at our fingertips then any other time in human history – the key is to use the right knowledge wisely and to sometimes just… SWITCH OFF!

View from my table

So next time you see my ‘Out of Reach’ picture on facebook…. you know what that means!



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George is an unstoppable individual; with a passion for inspiring and empowering individuals to find their purpose and design the life they were born for.

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13 thoughts on “Out of reach for 24 Hours…. EVERY WEEK!

  • Traci Williams

    George, love it! Amazing that this weekend I decided to do the same. It truly was liberating… and filling that time with meaningful connections and peak experiences is key. Way to go! I’m hooked! 🙂 Thanks for such a thought-provoking blog post….. looking forward to the next one.

  • Efrosyni Adamides

    Awesome bro! very wise words.. although 24 hours seems like a lot 🙂 hehe maybe I’ll start with 12 hours 🙂

  • George Post author

    Traci…. great minds think alike!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it and you also gave it a shot – look forward in reading your results.
    Efrosyni…. haha, typical!!! Will the 12 hours be overnight? So 8 of them you’ll be sleeping?? 😉

  • Lubi

    Very inspiring reading George. I am impressed how powerful is that we can just press pause for couple of hours a week and gain so many new experiences and unforgettable moments in our lives. I am going to do it coming Sunday although i am afraid of reaction of my boss when he realizes my phone is off but we live only once so why not 🙂 thanks for great ideas

  • Marta

    Fantastic idea George,but I agree with Efrosyni 24 hrs is a bit too much at the beginning 😉
    Lets start with 8hrs (1/3 of 24) 😉

  • Constantinos

    This feeling is very nice… you know, when i was working as an accountant, one day as i return back home through the bridges in Limassol i found my self looking the SKY front of me..and thinking like… oh my god there is a sky, a blue sky????? it was a feeling that i forgot, the connection with nature or the things that i use to do when i was younger … And it was all about freedom!!!!!!!!! Feel free..

  • Simcha Gluck

    Beautiful, my brother! Now we can we each other a Shabbat Shalom (Peaceful Shabbay) every single week as we focus on choosing presence over technology. You’re a great friend, thank you for the anniversary wishes, and we look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam – God bless,

  • Norman from Malta

    Sir Yes Sir!

    Control has always been in our hands… using it rightly is the actual question…

    …life is what one makes of it.

    Thank you for sharing… and…

    HaPPy BirthDay, George! :))

    With Gratitude,


  • Norman from Malta

    Dear George…dear friends…

    …I DID IT! :))

    Yes Sir… i took time for myself… it was so so rejuvenating and invigorating…

    …i am now working with more zest and poise and focus… so it is worth the investment… thank you for the reminder, George…

    Kind regards,

    Norman from Malta

    P.S. I would like to set up my own blog. How do i go about, please?