50 Things that Make Me Happy & 10 Happiness Quotes

March 20  is the International Day of Happiness, so I wanted to write a nice blog about it!  And if you really look at it, instead of people becoming happier, unfortunately in many situations, its the opposite. And this shouldn’t be the case as in 2016 we have the knowledge, the opportunity, the freedom to […]


We create our own Universe

“You create your own universe.” Winston Churchill Exactly 15 years ago, a few days before my 19th birthday, upon leaving Australia on my own to move back to Cyprus to go into the army and begin a new chapter in my life, my manager at the restaurant I worked at gave me a golden piece […]

You will be blown away from the wisdom of this 11 year old girl

“Children are 40% of the population, but 100% of our future.” – Les Brown

I have been a BIG believer in the above quote for years. I see some parents who treat their children as a mere nuisance who just get in their way of living their life, and on the contrary, I’m inspired by other parents who see their children as the leaders of the future, and take the responsibility seriously to provide them with love and belief in themselves to have dreams, the courage to pursue them, and the faith that they will achieve them.
Today, I was inspired and blown away from the energy, mindset and wisdom of my 11 year old cousin, Stephanie. Two VERY powerful lessons in this video….
Enjoy it and if this inspires you..  subscribe to my youtube channel and do leave your comments below.
Live a life of passion!




5 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

These are some of the habits I’ve built in the last few years since been a full time entrepreneur. Moving from the corporate world to the world of business can be an interesting experience… the faster someone creates and perfects the habits below, the faster their results will come. 1. The Habit of focusing on […]

A Powerful Tool for Managing your Time and your Priorities 1

Time.. the most precious commodity each one of us has – once spent, you can never get it back. It’s not like money where once it’s gone, you can just go out and make as much as you want. No my friends, time is different.. our time is limited and not a single person on […]



Rich or Poor! To Be… Part 2 2

So, if you’re reading this…. You’re ready to FIGHT BACK! In Part 1 of ‘Rich or Poor’ I wrote about the conspiracy of how the middle class are being wiped out. This is not a problem only in Greece, which is happening faster than anywhere I personally have ever experiences, this concerns EVERYBODY! In the […]